The greatest After Effects training ever...

specifically created for video editors.

An introduction.

These aren't lame"YouTube tutorials". 

This is an AE course for editors that changes the way you work.

A Sample.


Get it all for the launch price of $25.00 (I know, that seems ridiculous. It is.)

Don't worry, after the launch it will be raised to less ridiculous price of $95.00

This course includes:

Everything you need to know to take your work to the next level with After Effects.

10 courses, nothing over 30 min long, most under 10. Just what you need to make something amazing, fast, and without a headache.

Course 1: Get to know After Effects in this overview, a first look if you will. Quickly learn how it operates, and it's interface. I don't go over everything, just the stuff you need to know..

Course 2: Layers. Sounds simple enough, that's because it is. But there are some things you need to know coming from a traditional editing layers background, and this course shows you just what you need to know about how AE does layers.

Course 3: Learn to create killer text and titles. This is something every video editor wishes they could do better, and easier. AE does both these things so well, you'll want to punch yourself.

Course 4: In this course we take titles to the next level with 3D. Sound crazy hard? It's crazy not hard, not with this course anyway. Make titles that will make your nose run.

Course 5: Now that you know how to make your titles 3D, learn to make anything move in 3D like you wouldn't believe. Actually you probably will believe it, but it you won't believe what you'll be able to do after this course.

Course 6: Motion tracking. Now that you know how to make cool things move in cool ways, learn how to stick those cool things onto any moving object from your editing timeline.

Course 7: Amazingly cool, simple things you can do in AE you'll wish you had known about forever ago.

Course 8: Particles. Make it rain, snow, dusty or a million other things by knowing how to create and control particles in AE.

Course 9: Making it all come together. In this course we talk about how to get what you create in AE into your edit fast and easy, regardless of what NLE you use, and without buying any extra plugins.

Course 10: This ones a surprise. Buy the course to see the gold in this training.


I'm Jason. I personally created this stellar course. 

I've been a video editor for a long stink'n time now. I've been a motion designer for an even worse smelling time.

I totally get that as an editor, you need to know how to do very specific things in After Effects, not everything, but very specific things. This training does just that.

Created by an editor, for an editor... or just for you.

You can find a crappy tutorials for just about anything today.

Except for how to make a quality, entertaining, highly specified training course for After Effects for editors.

Can't find tutorials for that on the YouTubes...

Get all the full course

Get it now for only $25.00 $95.00 after the launch