One download gives you the best video editing & mo-graph assets you'll ever use....

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Click now to get over 2GB of free assets. It's probably the greatest freebie you'll ever see. Ever.



Get hundreds of assets, everything from light leaks to grain (nearly 20GB worth in fact) in full HD or higher resolutions,  Also known as the greatest single download you'll ever make.


These aren't templates. 

These are real world editing and design tools you'll use daily.

Everything you could possibly need in one download.

I'm Jason. I personally created Jasons' Mixpot. 

Every asset in this download has been hand chosen or hand-made by me personally. This is the asset library I've build, used and refined myself, by hand for over 10 years. 

Hand chosen quality, not quantity.

You can find massive libraries of crap, just not here.

As you'll find, (once you download) these are the assets you'll come back to 95% of the time. They are hand selected, "curated" and made by hand to be exactly what you need.

Projects using "Jason's Mixpot"



The most complete, most robust, most defined asset library you'll find anywhere.

This library isn't huge, that's not the point. It's about having assets you'll keep coming back to.

Each asset was created or selected by hand because it's what I personally needed for a project. I've included the assets I kept coming back to time after time, again and again.

 Take a look for your self

Watch for yourself. Here's a look at pretty much everything you get.



The free version gives you over 2GB of assets. It gives you a satisfying taste of at least one asset in almost every category. 

FREE, It's an incredible freebie.


The full version of Jasons' Mixpot comes with almost 20GB of assets and goodies.


What others have said:

FYI, your price is way too cheap for this pack! I have literally stolen it from you!
— KEproductions
I love your Mixpot. I need it. I use it daily on almost every project. Keep it up!
— Blake Lawrance, Video Editor
“Your the man. Keep it up. From a BIG fan. I don’t think I’ve gone two days without using it since i got it. If you’re a video editor and are looking for some cool blends or light leaks or little particles or anything to make your current video project POP, then please check out Jason’s Mixpot, you really wont regret it.”
— Ian Sanderson, 3D Artist
“I’ve used some of your stuff in a project recently, the dust and light leaks were very useful, thanks!”
— Jason Parker

Have More Questions?

What's the deal with copyright, licenses etc? Can I use this stuff commercially?

Everything in Jason's Mixpot has been either hand made by me, collected from friends of mine who've done the same, or has a creative commons license without restrictions. So, you're free to use all the assets anyway you'd like. 

What systems does it support?

Because you're simply downloading assets, they work with both windows or Mac, and anything post software you use.

Have more questions? Ask away below.

How many computers can I download onto?

JMP is transferable to any computer, or any hard drive you own. We try to encourage people to only use the content on their own computers and drives, and not share it with others, but we have no limits on where you can download. Spread the word though if you would, and if you want a friend to have the goodness... have them buy their own copy.